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Here at Baby Days I am an experienced and highly qualified Early Years Professional who is dedicated to providing both exciting and nurturing experiences for both parent/carer and your precious little ones. I am a mummy myself and have an understanding of the journey you and your baby are on together. I am here for you just as much as your children. So, come on in and lets create memories that we can all cherish forever.

Amy x

Nominated for 2024 'Most Loved Baby Activity' What's on 4 Kids awards.

New Beginnings (Birth to 3 months)

Our brand new course, New Beginnings is also starting in March and we cannot wait to get started. Combining movement through familiar songs which you can use at home, baby massage, and a gentle introduction to sensory classes. We will also be exploring ways to support our babies development and ways to make tummy time enjoyable! this is a very gentle, calm and nurturing class for you and your baby. You’ll learn about your baby’s cues, ways to help soothe them, activities to connect with them and all about their development in those first three months. With a focus on love, nurture and bonding, this really is the perfect first class to cherish together.

Sensory (Birth to 8 months)

This class provides a lovely, gentle approach to sensory classes with an exciting new theme to explore each week. There will be music, movement and calming sensory lighting to explore each week, as well as a huge variety of sensory activities, led by your class leader. Each class starts and finishes with a little massage and our twinkly star parachute.

Sensory (Birth to 13 months)

This class will incorporate music, movement, singing and lots of sensory fun! We will explore all five senses throughout our terms and enjoy different themes each week! All classes come to an end with calm time to wind down and relax with your precious little one. 


Behind every activity in all of our classes are well thought out and detailed plans, designed by early years professionals who will also be leading your classes.

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